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Based on data supplied by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
Visualization by Eric Promislow, 2011, 2012.

Important notes on this data:

  • The data contains crash reports for intersections only, meaning that it's more applicable for urban than rural areas.
  • The data does not contain reports for cases where a moving car struck a parked car, nor does it cover parking lots.
  • All crashes at complex highway interchanges are mapped to the central point of each interchange. Safety variations among the various ramps aren't shown.
  • If a U-shaped street intersects another street at several points, all those points are reduced to a single point. For example, in North Vancouver Mountain Hwy and Keith Rd intersect at two different points, but the collisions at the two points show up only at one of them here.
  • Due to the addressing scheme in some suburban subdivisions, any crashes within the subdivision are mapped to one intersection at the subdivision entrance.
  • The data is two-dimensional, and doesn't distinguish crashes occurring on an overpass or bridge from those at a street-level intersection directly below it.
  • When streets are diverted, moved, or renamed, older data can be lost.
This visualization is not intended to be authoritative, as it's based on the dataset with the above limitations, and does not contain info on crashes at mid-block or on highways. As cool as it is, remember to pull off the road before using this site.

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